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Read about Sharon Greene, the founder of the Worldwide Circle of Friends.

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Always changing! Always fun!

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Do all your shopping for quality handmade items from fellow members of the Circle of Friends at our very own online mall.

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Jayne's Craft Corner
Check this out if you love crafts this is for you. We have fun sharing craft ideas and more. We welcome all ideas and anything that you may offer!

Jeanette's Garden Room
Share ideas, seeds, photos of your garden, plants and laughter!

Welcome to Halloweensville, the creepy home of the spooktaculier World Wide Web Circle Of Friends.

Claudia's Page of Total Chaos

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The swaps that we make are worth around $5 unless otherwise stated. If this is your first time swapping you can join as many of the swaps that you like but you can only swap with one person. After you have swapped you can swap with as many people as you like as long as there are enough swappers to go around. If something comes up and you can't send your swap out let me know as soon as possible as I would hate for someone who worked hard on their project to send one out and not get one in return. If you do sign up for a swap and don't send one out you will no longer be able to swap.

Once you get your swap partner you should keep in touch with them. Frequent emails, etc. Part of the fun of a swap is getting to know the other person a little better. Many have made great friendships this way.

If, for any reason, you are unable to mail your swap on time be sure to let your partner know. Life happens to all of us, expect the unexpected! DO NOT mail your swap until you have heard from your swap partner! I can't say that often enough! If you get no response from your partner then contact me and I will then attempt to reach your partner. If the situation can not be resolved that person will no longer be able to swap.

Most important ~ Have fun!!!

A warm welcome from Ruth,
Swap Co-ordinator for the Worldwide Circle of Friends


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"What is difficult we carry out immediately...the impossible might take a little longer."

If you want to reach me you can email me at and/or you can usually find me hanging about with other members on MSN Messenger between 5:30 & 6:15 AM PST -- my username on MSN Messenger is

Keeping in touch with friends around the world!

Always extend a hand in friendship!

Take a moment to look at this Friendship Book and this Friendship Card

Love to have you sign the guestbook before you leave today.

Have a Great Day everyone!

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We are the Circle of Friends, made from a chain,
A chain of cable and wire without an end.

There's lots to do and plenty of friends to meet in the Worldwide Circle of Friends! We have people from all over the world who meet, chat and share experiences.

Find out more about us in the site, look at the Message Board and then be sure to join in!

“A ball is a circle. No beginning, no end.
It keeps us together, like our Circle of Friends;
but, the treasure inside, for you to see
is the treasure of friendship you've granted to me.

Today I pass the friendship ball to you. Pass it on to someone who is a friend to you.”

A four leaf clover is rare,
and so is a friend who cares,
so with this token
and no words spoken
I offer my friendship to share
- By Tammy Pottruff!

What did I do today?
I sat in my room and talked to my friends!
And this is where my day begins
We talked about crafting, recipes too,
About how were happy, sad or feeling blue
We give each other hugs, we smile and we cry
Show our photos of family here and gone by
We answer questions on this and on that
And it doesn’t matter where each of us sat
For were all in the same room
Huddled together
And for this we’ll remain friends forever
So when your alone wondering what you can do
Come to our room, meet friends like me and you
The WWWCOF are waiting, come join us we say
Then you too can answer What did I do today?

~~written by Pat Broatch & dedicated to the WWWCOF~~

A warm welcome from Sharon,
founder of the Worldwide Circle of Friends

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